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Developing a new EPUB3 reader for Android

Helicon Books, my company has been marketing the first EPUB3 reader for Android, however due to business dispute with the original developer, we stopped working with them and stopped marketing this reader. In July 2013 we started to develop a

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Digital books and free standards

The digital books today resembles the first days of the internet. At the beginning we had services such as BBS which didn’t have any governing standard and thus created a fragmented world. Then Sir Tim Barners Lee has invented the

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First version of helicon books reader available on google play

The first version of my new company’s reader application is now¬†available for purchasing on “google play” This version would work on most android devices (in fact I don’t know yet of an android device it does not work on). A

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Digital books vs. Printed books

I have just returned from the Frankfurt book fair, the biggest book fair in the world. The main reason for traveling there was to market the new EPUB3 digital reader as it currently seems we are the first in the world

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Generating EPUB 3.0 Digital book from text files

When I write a book, I write it in a series of text only files. The reason is that text files are easy to convert to any other format. I also maintain a website with all my stories ( currently

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The future of books – Digital books

I think the future of books is digital books, books that are read on eReaders, tablets, iPads, smartphones etc. I know some people may say that nothing can actually replace the printed books. I think that with today’s advanced technology

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