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Ada Lovelace Day

I am following the Free Software Foundation newsletter which always bring news about free software only. Today I found out that October 15 is Ada Lovelace Day. Ada Lovelace was a 19th century female mathematician and is considered the first

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Designing user interface for an application

Before commencing the task of building an application one must carefully plan the user interface or user experience. This is one very important factor in marketing an app. There are two ways of doing it, one is the long way

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Developing a new EPUB3 reader for Android

Helicon Books, my company has been marketing the first EPUB3 reader for Android, however due to business dispute with the original developer, we stopped working with them and stopped marketing this reader. In July 2013 we started to develop a

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DRM or Not DRM the debate continues

First of all for all those who are lucky enough to don’t know what DRM is, a very short introduction. DRM is Digital Restrictions Management or as some marketing guys like to all it Digital Rights Management. This is in

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And they say iPad is easy to use…

My wife’s dad just got a new iPad, he asked me how can he read my books on the iPad. The answer is easy, just install iBooks, download any of my books (sorry, Hebrew only at this stage) and start

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Generating EPUB 3.0 Digital book from text files

When I write a book, I write it in a series of text only files. The reason is that text files are easy to convert to any other format. I also maintain a website with all my stories ( currently

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Windows anti-virus apparent security only

Few years ago I have seen a picture of a high iron gate with low hedge on both sides, beneath the picture was written “Windows security” Few days ago I have seen in in my own eyes. I have written

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Another piece of code released as free software

During my work as a software consultant, I sometimes write code that is part of a bigger code and can be used for other purposes. Recently as part of an automatic test equipment I am building, I implemented I2C communication

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Apple iPad a computer or kids toy?

When I first heard about the iPad, it sounded to me more like a feminine hygiene product then a consumer electronic product. It seems that I am not the only one who thought about it this way: Recently I got

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20 years of Linux

The Linux foundation ( is now celebrating 20 years of Linux history. The operating system that started as a hobby and soon changed the world, I will my hobbies will change the world as Linus Torvald’s Linux. This is a

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