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Designing user interface for an application

Before commencing the task of building an application one must carefully plan the user interface or user experience. This is one very important factor in marketing an app. There are two ways of doing it, one is the long way

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Developing a new EPUB3 reader for Android

Helicon Books, my company has been marketing the first EPUB3 reader for Android, however due to business dispute with the original developer, we stopped working with them and stopped marketing this reader. In July 2013 we started to develop a

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Digital books and free standards

The digital books today resembles the first days of the internet. At the beginning we had services such as BBS which didn’t have any governing standard and thus created a fragmented world. Then Sir Tim Barners Lee has invented the

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DRM or Not DRM the debate continues

First of all for all those who are lucky enough to don’t know what DRM is, a very short introduction. DRM is Digital Restrictions Management or as some marketing guys like to all it Digital Rights Management. This is in

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First book in English

I have recently completed translating to English my latest book “Sailing in Israel” ┬áThe book is about Avishay that lives on his Yacht in Herzelia marina, an unexpected guest from his past, pays him a visit. He offers her to

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