Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on HP 255 G4

I recentrly purchased a new HP255 G4 laptop. It came without operating system, to be exact, it came with  free-DOS.

The computer does not have any CD-ROM. The only boot option is USB.

I downloaded Ubuntu 16.04 from and created a live USB-DoK

I tested the DoK on another computer that it works, it gave me an error: gfxboot.c32 not a COM32R image. After a short search on google I found out that I have to press tab and then live. This did the trick and the live DoK booted Linux.

However when I tried it on the new HP255 I got the grub> prompt and did not know what to do from there. I tried several options, searched google and found nothing (that is why I write this post).

When you get the GRUB> prompt, insert ‘initrd’, you willl get an invalid pointer error, press any key and you will get a boot menu, in this menu there are few boot options, two of them are USB, choose the second one without UEFI.

This will give you the gfxboot.c32 not a COM32 image. Clicke tab and enter live-install and the install program will start.

Hope this helps someone…


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