Python 2 vs. 3? – Why move to Python at all?

Many people are talking these days about Python 3 vs. Python 2. This started after the Ubuntu team announcement that Ubuntu 16.04 will come only with Python 3.

I would like to ask, why move to Python at all?
I have been programming for the last 30 years in many languages,  stated with C, tried C++ now working mainly with Perl and PHP. I did read some Python scripts and found them cumbersome and hard to understand.

In fact the whole notion of Object oriented seems to me cumbersome, unnatural and complicated. Why do I have to define classes, define variables and methods and then define objects and work on them?

I did try to learn Python after I rad that it is easy to understand and it’s syntax emphasizes readability. Well, it somewhat does it, but the language itself is some cumbersome so I decided to stop learning it and return to Perl which I find easy to understand and easy to program with.

For example, python uses the ‘lambda’ construct which until now I still can’t understand what it is and why use it? I have seen many scripts using it, It only make the script harder to understand, not easier to understand so why Pythonists ┬ásay that Python is easy to understand?

I use Perl many times for ad-hoc scripts and more complicated scripts, I found it easy to learn and also a powerful programming language when dealing with strings of text, which today are my main needs. Maybe Python is good in other fields, but I did not find them yet.


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