Ada Lovelace Day

I am following the Free Software Foundation newsletter which always bring news about free software only. Today I found out that October 15 is Ada Lovelace Day. Ada Lovelace was a 19th century female mathematician and is considered the first programmer, although the programs she wrote never actually run. She assisted Charles Babbage in building the first computer.

This day is a celebration of women contributions to computer science. So I thought I will write something about my experience with women in computing.

I have managed several software companies and projects and in most of them where also responsible for the human resources. I think human resources is the most important role in a software project since good programmers make good software. I always like to meet new people, This is why I liked to choose the programmers and employees myself.

So during my career, I have interviewed many programmers both men and women. My interviews always include a short exercise where the candidate has to read a short text (short meaning about 10 pages :-) ) and answer few simple questions that are not directly given in the text. The idea is to test their learning skills. I believe a good programmer must have high learning skills.

From these interviews, I got the impression that women are better programmers. Therefore I had employed  and still continue to employ women.

The results proved that I am right women are generally better programmers. However up until now I didn’t find a suitable explanation why.


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